Saturday, December 28, 2013

Marathon shopping trip, part 2

Stop and Shop:
I chanced on strawberries from FL BOGO so $2.50 ea. Nice.

organic chard, halos brand mandarins (even had $1 off coupon for those)

10 lb bag of huge Russets

marked down to $2.50-awesome!

Basket of marked down tangerines
$2.24 very nice!

ground pork for New Year's Eve tourtiere, $1.99 with store coupon pkg of Nathan's franks, 2 pkgs little smokies (also had $1 off cpn)
toothpaste and gel pack dishwasher tabs ($1 off coupons used on both)

6 S & S 29 oz stewed tomatoes, 5 lbs S & S whole wheat flour, a jar of alfredo sauce (used coupon), corn starch (coupon), coffee (coupon), 2 cans pineapple (cpn).

Not pictured:  2 qts Hood 1/2 & 1/2, 1 qt hazelnut flavored skim milk based creamer (coupons for all 3), 2 pints Hood lite sr cream (coupon)

I spent $58.18. Saved $12.80 w/ coupons.

Next stop: Xpect Discounts:

3 lb bag of carrots, a large head of cabbage

lucked out on some marked downs from produce: organic baby Romaine, organic baby spinach, one each: red/orange/yellow pepper, 2 8 oz pkgs sliced mushrooms. Each was a $1.

Love their marked downs!

1 1/2 lbs ricotta, a wedge of Parmesan, 2 tubs cottage cheese (had a cpn on the Daisy brand). More frozen assets to be soon made.
Bread flour was on sale @ $1.99/5 lb bag. I bought 4. 6 jars (18 oz) of an off brand peanut butter from Louisville @ $1.59 (tried some when I got home-it's like Jif), 2 large cans (we usually freeze 1/2 for another time) sloppy joe sauce, a bottle of juice (free with cpn), 3 cans mandarins (coupon), yodels -a treat, had a coupon, Flashlight is for DD's car-her request, I used a cpn, she'll reimburse me, the new Mueller's broken up spaghetti (cpn).
A marked down pkg of 3 thin steaks, now frozen. I ended up paying $3.18/lb.

2 bottles of bleach @ $1.59. Grocery stores are selling bleach for over $3-when did that happen and why?
2 each of shampoo and conditioner @ 79 cents ea, 2 toothpaste

Not pictured: 2, 25 lb bags for rock salt @ $2.89.

I spent $65, saved $7.74 in coupons. Dd owes me $2.29 for the flashlight (and can help herself to batteries out of the storage basket in the hall closet)


Belinda said...

Lots of good deals today, Carol! Such a good feeling to be stocked up. :)

CTMOM said...

The goal is to get what what we'll need now, so that it's on hand during the next few months, as I recover. I should be functioning somewhat by mid March, meanwhile, DD especially, along with the help of my twins and perhaps my older son, will have to carry the burdeon of household chores and cooking. I tried to get some easy to prepare things such as sloppy joes, spaghetti, etc. Dd is pretty good in the kitchen. THe crockpot will also be our friend.