Saturday, December 28, 2013

Marathon shopping, part 3: the main store: Aldi's

 2 doz eggs, a qt Greek yogurt. Missing from picture: 3 gallons milk
 multiple boxes cold cereal, cocoa, large tin coffee, 2 bottles Canola, 2 bags chips (new Years), 4 cans pears, hamburger buns, tortillas, 3 3 ct pkgs gum, 2 boxes cheese crackers, 1 box "nice crackers" (NYears), 2 boxes granola bars, 2 bottles "splash" juice
 2 pkgs kielbasa (NYears), and another marked down: 4 pkgs tyson
 ground chicken BOGO= $1.44/pkg. Awesome price!
 1 cuke, bananas
blurry photo: 6 boxes tissues, box of trash bags, box of gallon baggies

Spent $90.66 at Aldi's.

Meat packed away and frozen, most of the rest taken care of as well. I'm tired. Glad to be able to prepare ahead, however. this upcoming month is crunch time at work, then surgery. I anticipate only stopping for perishables as needed, then will have to send DD out for needs for about 6 weeks, or mid March, before I can drive again-depending upon my recovery.

Grand tally for January grocery: $228.75, saved $23.54 w/ coupons.  This leaves me with $171.25 for January for things like milk, fruit (although I'll be relying upon canned and frozen as well), produce (again, hard time of the year, price wise for New Englander's so frozen and canned tend to be served more often). I really tried to anticipate all needs through mid March.


DW said...

You had a busy day, and I'm still envious of your bread prices.

Just curious: Have you ever considered buying some things, like tissues, in bulk?

Anonymous said...

I was going to ask the same about the tissues. I get ours at BJs Their brand with lotion . With the coupon it works out as cheap. When we need tissues we NEED them. Running out isn't an option.

Does the aldi Greek yogurt come in plain? We don't eat vanilla yogurt. I blend our unsweetened fruit into a purée and put it on top with granola. Trying to cut the $. But I can get chobani plain 0% for $5/32oz at BJs too. With 3 of us it's quite a lot of yogurt a week.

CTMOM said...

We are a family of allergies, even with medication. : (
I don't belong to BJ's or costco, I have an issue with having to pay for a membership for the right to shop at a store. I get the lotion tissues now at Aldi's, I forget the price but a real bargain compared to Kleenex or Puffs. Great for cold sufferers, otherwise, we use plain tissues. I get Scotties at DT whenever I have coupons. I paid about 87 cents/box with tax today for 110 count. Otherwise, it's Aldi's brand reg. tissues. Good quality. Re: ALdi's greek yogurt in the quart. First time I saw it. They sell a plain version now as well.

Anonymous said...

We have a BJs membership because we do a lot of shopping for our church there - we have a soup kitchen dinner there weekly and weekend food backpack program. - then I do a ton of my own there too. aldi is a special trip for me and I drive past BJs daily. Milk is cheapest there too. 2.79/gallon. I will have to check on the yogurt at aldi. How much was it?

CTMOM said...

Awesome that your church hosts a weekly dinner for those in need!
: )
Reverse is true for me-I am near Aldi's several times a week, where as a trip to Costco or BJ's would be a treck! Milk @ Aldi's is $1.99/gallon. The Greek yogurt was $3.89/quart. I assume that it is the same price whether selecting plain vs vanilla.

CTMOM said...

DW-Bread prices? I bought bread FLOUR, to make my own bread, although I "splurged" on store bought hamburger buns @ 89 cents.

Nancy said...

I love my BJs membership. My oldest son & I split the cost of a cash back rewards membership. Twice a year we get a debit style gift card with our reward amount. In general this zeros out the cost of the membership and gives us an almost free shopping trip. My GF uses my membership to buy office/cleaning/ coffee supplies for his work which helps to build up the reward amount. And I do quite a bit of gift shopping there as well. The rewards membership when used with back Visa check card means I score big.

DW said...

Oops! Sorry ... intended to say bread flour prices.

Was going to mention that the big office supply stores on occasion have sales on paper supplies ... usually the cost of a case is enough to get free shipping ... or you can have it shipped to a store for free pickup. Never hurts to look ...

Have to take a look at the Aldi greek yougurt, though have to admit I didn't like their regular yougurt so much ... though it's good for baking.

mikemax said...

I enjoyed your stock-up shopping trips. I do really well with the weekly specials, but I admire the variety of groceries that you always seem able to buy. You are clearly better organized than I am. Also, I probably live 1,000 miles (maybe more!) from the nearest Aldi.

I don't object to paying for a store membership if I can make it pay. What we save on optical or tires alone pays for the entire yearly membership. I buy some groceries at Costco, but certainly not all. I've figured out which are cheaper for me. Sometimes, buying a smaller package for more $ at the grocery store works out to be the better deal.