Saturday, December 7, 2013

Latest project underway

This is how DD and I spent Friday night. She was relaxing by the fire in the living room, while I did some mending (I had her move my old faithful machine into there so that I could sew and take advantage of the wood stove vs being forced to turn up the heat in the bedroom wing just to sew). I then moved on to making some "tubes" for draft dodgers, that I wish to place at the bottom of each of the huge windows/sliders in the L shaped porch aka dining room/office turned bedroom for DD. No way can we make 108 long ones, so multiple ones it is.

 My first inspiration was the quilted table runner that I inherited. It had become faded, a stain on one square and finally, a hole developed so project material it became, and rather attractive one at that! I sewed the tubes up turning to my odd ball sewing spools that I want to use up this Winter, while DD stuffed them, using old socks, old spent nylon stockings, old underwear, scrap trimming from sewing, multiple old flannel rags (from old nighties)that we have far too many of, etc.  Every bit of material used to stuff these meant that I was not purchasing polyfill  or anything else to stuff them. We used what I had set aside, what was on hand, what was no longer serving it's purpose and would otherwise have become garbage, for which I am charged 20 cents/lb. May not sound like much, but we actively try to repurpose and eliminate/reduce our trash   production.

We tied them off with scraps of fabric, including the doubled seam areas that I trimmed off of the cut off legs of several pairs of pants that were converted into shorts for the twins. These side leg seams were presewn, very strong and seemed a natural solution.  The cloth from the leg pieces became the backing (Frankenstein) of 2 embroidered pillows.

 Good strong twill, I have additional pieces saved as well for future mending or sewing projects. The second piece of tube inspiration was the pair of acid wash maternity pants (originally handed down to me from a co-worker back in the '90's) that I cut down for the fabric. I was mending more of college boy's pants and a pair of denim shorts, which needed a patch, last night and came across this saved fabric. Easy enough to sew the legs of the pants into 3 tubes (the 4th leg piece was previously used for patching so not suitable for making a draft dodger).

Glad to get a jump on this project. It's been cold, and my opportunities to reduce our heating bills have been exhausted to just more draft dodgers at this point. I did note, however, that the front window of the boys's room is cold/drafty-it doesn't have insulated curtains over it, although there is a glass storm window, not the best. I may be making a new panel for over that window as well.


Anonymous said...

Nice job! We stuffed ours with outgrown socks last year.

Anonymous said...

I am at the same point. I have done everything so now its draft dodgers. I have finally finished the last of them though...for now at least