Sunday, December 22, 2013

Kitchen inventory: dry goods

 This is what I call my baking cabinet, located above the range hood. I need a step stool to reach many of the items, and I am fairly tall. Cake mixes, brownie mixes, corn starch, corn flour, cocoa powder, chocolate chips, tapioca, Jello, pudding mixes, dried fruits, XXX sugar, sprinkles etc are kept here, as well a my hand grater.
 My spice cabinet-love it! Again, a step stool often is called into service. Besides my spices, I store extracts, salad dressing mixes, instant soups and bouillon cubes here along with my measuring cups, spoons.
 We call this the pasta cabinet (must have been Italian in a previous life). It contains 2 of my 4 Crock Pots as well. I have a large canister of instant potatoes, assorted bags/boxes of pasta, multiple gallon glass jars with different pasta shapes in them, barley, brown rice, Jasmine and Basmati rices, egg noodles stored here as well.
 My main canned goods cabinet has 4 shelves: top: empty gallon glass jar, metal coffee can of lentils, sundried tomatoes, 2 gifted to me Bear Creek soup mixes, some home canned tomatoes. Shelf 2: tomato sauce and tomatoes, diced Italian seasoned tomatoes, stewed tomatoes, "rotel style" tomatoes,  and soups: French onion, cr mush, golden mushroom, cr of shrimp, tomato.
Shelf 3: green beans, wax beans, kernal corn, corn, spinach, beets, mixed vegetables, dried whole yellow peas gifted to me, stir fry noodles, potatoes, a pkg of rice mix, and a box of Aborrio rice for risotto.

Shelf 4: multiple cans of albacore and chunk lite tuna, a can NE chowder, a can of crab meat, assorted cans of minced clams, assorted cans of pink salmon, assorted boxes whole grain spaghetti, fettuccini, 2 more pkgs of stir fry noodles, TVP

I have an additional, curtain covered, corner cabinet that corrals things like brown sugar, Pam spray, solid shortening, Canola and EVOO, vinegars etc.

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