Monday, December 30, 2013

Heard back this morning

No explanation as to why it took overnight to get back to me, but here's the info left on my voice mail: $32 part, 3 hours labor @ $109/hour so estimate $350 to switch the lever.

Thanks, but no thanks. We'll figure something out.


KittyinVa said... could get a new chair for that amount! Push the lever back with your foot BEFORE you sit down. That's what I do if my hands are full!


Anonymous said...

WOO for that price you could just buy a new chair!!

Tasmanian Minimalist said...

Omg, labor is such a rip off. Well done for backing off. Daylight robbery.

Mara said...

There isn't anyone you know who would let you borrow one? Or even trade yours for theirs for a couple months? That seems like the best solution to me. That, or going to a donation center to see if you can find a cheap-o one to use for a couple months then donate back.

Donna said...

My recliner comes apart - the back comes off - so it fits in the car. Could you drop it off at the store to be fixed and maybe the labor charge wouldn't be so ridiculous, since it wouldn't include travel time.