Thursday, December 26, 2013

Ham meals # 1 and # 2

Ham meal # 1: ham and cheese omelettes for breakfast. I used a mixture of home shredded Monteray Jack and Colby Jack cheeses. Extra shredded cheese will be used in an upcoming macaroni and cheese with ham casserole. I try to preplan and work ahead whenever possible.

 Ham meal # 2: Asian inspired, ham meatballs. Ingredients: ground ham, 2 eggs, instant milk reconstituted with water, homemade bread crumbs, minced onion, black pepper, Coleman's mustard (dried). Ideally, I would have used some ground pork or pork sausage as well, but I am reserving both that I have on hand for other meals, hence, the reason for keeping some extra fat in with the ground ham.
 Mix everything but the ground ham, let soak up a bit.
 Gently fold in ground ham, let rest a bit.
 Form into smallish meatballs; I used an ice cream scoop to keep them fairly uniform in size, and to help compact them down.
 Ready to bake off on a Pam sprayed baking sheet, 350 degrees, 40 minutes.

these will then be transferred to a Crock Pot.
 The sauce ingredients: an onion to be slivered, some organic CSA assorted colors peppers already preslivered, mandarins (to be drained), pineapple tidbits (also to be drained). I will combine the leftover juices and serve as a beverage.

We have some Sprite open, so that may be a nice, fizzy offering. I will place the vegetables, then  the meatballs, finally the fruit in the CP.

  I will top all with some jarred sauce:

My inspiration: the jar of tangerine ginger sauce, gifted to me a year ago at Christmas! If needed, I can add some sweet and sour sauce from Aldi's (it was needed as I suspected!). These Asian Ham meatballs will be served over brown rice.

And here was supper: not bad, not something I'd want that often, as I tend not to like sweet sauces, but my aim was to use the PC sauce up, use some ham up, so I met my goals. Leftovers for one tomorrow for lunch.

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