Monday, December 30, 2013

Ham meal # 5: homemade mac and cheese with ham

The ham continues to grace our table . . .this time, it's homemade mac n cheese with ham cubes (precubed, awaiting in the freezer). I'll be using instant milk from my pantry, the preshredded NY Cheddar mixed with some leftover preshredded Colby Jack and Monteray Jack cheeses from last week. I had salvaged all 3 blocks of cheese, that were starting to mold. Gotta use them up, this dish was preplanned a month ago, anyway. Here's the recipe I have used for years. I will be doubling it tonight.

 Pretty basic steps: start with a roux of margarine in my case, mixed with flour, black pepper, Coleman's mustard
 Slowly whisk in milk, a bit at a time
 Whisk until smooth, let come to a low boil, let simmer 1 minute
 Meanwhile, bring a pot of water to a boil, and cook 16 oz pasta (I am using elbow mac) for 6 minutes
 Add in the preshredded cheese
 Whisk the cheese sauce until smooth
 Drain the pasta
 Add pasta to cheese sauce, along with any add ins. Tonight' we're adding cubed ham. Broccoli and/or cauliflower are also very good.
 Fold add ins into pasta dish.

Freshly baked, out of the oven. Yum! A rich meal, to be sure. My kids love it and one kidlet really needs it for the calories.

Sides will be a tossed salad with choice of dressings, green beans (canned). Kids and I are home this week until Thurs (may* also include TH and/or Fri as a snow storm is brewing), so I am capitalizing on being home, and making some family favorites.

What's on your table tonight?


Anonymous said...

Hmm that looks good. I think that might be on the menu tomorrow.

Belinda said...

Your dinner looks terrific, Carol. We did Sloppy Joes again tonight. I've been taking down the Christmas decorations, so it was an easy meal. :)