Sunday, December 8, 2013

Getting this off of my to do list

 This is a clothespin bag that I've owned for years.
 It suspends from the clothesline, off of a metal rod that hooks through 2 metal grommets on the top of one side of the bag
 It eventually got a large hole, and was moved to my sewing stash, to be used as a pattern for me to make a new bag
 This once was a solid, raspberry color. New bags like this, sell for $10. Not interested, thanks, I am pretty sure that I can come up with something.
 I came across some heavy, golden-tan colored (not my favorite, it was given to me)cotton duck/linen. Perfect I sewed a new bag in a few minutes time, using up some old thread in the process. Perfect.
I even had the grommets and tool to use. Love $0 cost projects.

The fabric from the old bag? that was shredded with my rotary cutter, and will be used to stuff draft dodgers tonight.

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