Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Down to $15.98

Since I was closeby, I stopped in at Aldi's on the way home yesterday, being very mindful of what little grocery funds remain for December. I bought the following: 
-2 boxes tissues
-2 gallons milk
-6 lbs onions (on my needed list for Jan and on sale @ 89/3 lbs)
-stick margarine
-Halos mandarins
-an 8 ct pkg AA batteries
-2 fzn OJ
-sour cream (again for Jan)
-pkg hotdog buns (assumed we'd be off school today, due to snow storm and this would be an emergency meal back up if we lose power, since I have a can of baked beans on the shelf, and a fzn pkg of hot dogs, if needed)

I spent $26.86 on my debit card. I now have $15.98 left for Dec. Bringing me back to my college days, really being so mindful of every expenditure.


Anonymous said...

Not to be noses - but that seems like cutting it wicked close. Do you qualify for any assistance? Help from the ex?

CTMOM said...

To be clear, I have just under $16 left for December groceries. I discovered some overexpenditures last month in several budget areas, and have reigned those in. One area was groceries. I have a set budget of $400 ($300 from my own funds, $100 is DD's "rent" to help defray her costs after moving back home). Very do-able, if I am careful. Note that I have an upright freezer full of food, as well as kitchen cabinets and pantry shelves with home canning and stockpiling. I have plenty of food on hand. : )
I really will only need to get milk, ground pork next week. We'll be fine.
We do not qualify for any assistance, and I do receive C/S.

Anonymous said...

Oh, that's good to know...you're so careful I was a little concerned for a minute...just seemed like a wicked close call....