Sunday, December 29, 2013

Decisions, decisions . . .

In another effort to get ready for my upcoming surgery, I started to investigate if I could have the right handle of my La Z Boy recliner moved over to the left side. Since this time I will be getting my right shoulder repaired, using the right handle will be impossible. I anticipate sleeping in this chair for at least a month. Per the La Z Boy website, this is totally do-able. Please contact your local store. Well, issue number one is that the store I bought the recliner from is out of business. I did get a number on line, for a store located 45 minutes from here, and I called them to inquire about this.

Here's my post from when I bought this recliner in April:

According to the woman who answered the phone at this other store, yes, they can do this, but will charge a 3 hour service call @ $109/hour PLUS the cost of a new mechanism to fit the left hand side. She is unsure of the cost of the mechanism, went to confirm it, the person she needs to check with is on break, so the woman will be calling me back later today. Fine.

While we were going back and forth, I explored several options:

1-can I order this same recliner in a left handled version? (No, was discontinued in May)
2-can I order a comparable recliner in a left handled version, in the same fabric? (No, fabric was discontinued in April)

I am getting no where quickly here. One "positive" is that my HSA would/could fund the cost to convert my chair or to buy a replacement.  Sigh. I hate the thought of putting $400 if not more into a chair, that cost me $480 before shipping and tax-I may as well get a new one! Additionally, I am not really a fan of bulky recliners anyway, and envision that they would reside in the cellar rec room of my next forever home.


UPDATE: I first spoke with the woman from the other La Z Boy store @ 1:45, we spoke for about 5-10 minutes. She was to call me back in 15 minutes when the other person returned. Ok, so that would have been about 2:15 p.m.    Fast forward, it's now 5:33 p.m. so I am guessing this is a done deal, I've been forgotten about . . frankly, I am ready to just deal with not reclining when I am alone for the first week or so. Don't you just love customer service? Sigh. Guess they won't be getting my hard earned dollars. Another thought is to call corporate, there is a number for service there, maybe I'll get somewhere with them. I'm ready, however, to just bag the idea.

Depending upon DD's work schedule, it may not be that often. She either leaves for work @ 10:45 or @ 2:45 (and that is when the twins get home from school).  Surgery is scheduled for a Wed, DD will take that day off as I can't be alone for the first 24 hours. We'll work this out.


Anonymous said...

If you aren't picky about it being a lazy boy and have the space - you might find one at the Puritain Furniture outlet in Wethersfield CT. They deliver or you could see about borrowing a truck. It's a hike from that side of the state. I had to buy a recliner when hubby had surgery and I was able to go get one there (which he still loves after 2 years) and they put it in my minivan under $350.

I bought my living room couches there - normally $3k each. Bought 2 full size leather sofas for under $2k each (never had new living room furniture before).

janie said...

Any furniture stores locally that might be able to send someone to do the switch over for you?

I would think maybe a handyman or someone from a furniture store( dept repairs etc), might be able to help.


Patti said...

With DH having so many surgeries including both shoulders 2x we plan on getting one of the full recline/lift chairs from Walgreens. They go on sale quite often, have free delivery and set up and hopefully will help with his Fibromyalgia when it gets even harder for him to move.

Frugal in Bucks said...

I wish I had a £ for every time someone never calls me back. I do hope you get a speedy resolution.
Much love from wet and windy England. ( windy is the weather not me)

Julie Vidani said...

I wonder if you could loop a light "rope" around the handle with enough length to be able to pull it with your left arm?