Friday, December 27, 2013


While not my actual fridge, my small refrigerator looks A LOT like this one! Gotta empty it, give it a wash down, sort out the leftovers and make up a plan to use them up before we lose them. Today and tomorrow it's a C.O.R.N. theme, with soup scheduled for Saturday night, then a kale-chicken sausage quiche for Sunday's supper. Avoiding food waste= saving $ in the long run, so I've got to stick with it.


 THIS is my now cleaned out fridge, with leftovers to push within the next few days, now stored in the small, bar fridge. I found some sources of inspiration:
 3 tubs of assorted frostings will become a sheet cake
 A bit of remaining caramel sauce will cover . .
 a bread pudding, now baking off. I used the rest of a moldy roll along with some Christmas Panetone to make this.

 I unearthed some good, (EXPENSIVE) NY state Cheddar that was starting to go. I trimmed off the bad parts, and hand shredded the rest, placing the cheese in a bag already holding some shredded Colby Jack and Monteray Jack. Mac and cheese with ham is on deck early next week, love planning ahead.
 I had an older, fresh pineapple, some old tangerines, a few mandarin oranges, and 4 Navel oranges. I placed 3 Navels in the fridge bin, and cut up the rest for a tropical, citrus fruit salad. Besides a lemon (used to serve tea mostly), the oranges in the fridge are the last of my fresh fruit. I do have canned and dried, as well as some frozen to turn to.
 Leftover cranberry-orange relish and cranberry sauce became muffins.

tonight's supper ingredients:
 A bit of marinara pulled out of the freezer, some leftover black olives, leftover cooked bacon, 1/2 of an onion, some Provolone slices that got stuck under the Deli/meat drawer (removed moldy bit), Pepperoni, Parmesan, the 5 non moldy rolls, the mushrooms that gotta go!
These are what I made out of that. Not bad, not gonna win any restauranteur prizes either, but it was paid for, on hand, and needed to be used. Perfect. got some leftover for teen snacks, tomorrow or Sunday's lunch.

Decided that while quiche is still on the menu for Sunday, it will be bacon (leftover), mushroom *gotta use these up PRONTO, and mixed shredded cheese instead of kale-chicken sausage. 

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Marcia in rural WNY said...

I admire your persistent use of leftovers. I do fairly well on mine, but we are only two people and sometimes we just don't use them fast enough.
I was proud of one "leftover" project I worked on today. I have a grandniece who is 4 1/2 and loves to be "doing" things all the time. My sister watches her a couple days a week and runs out of activities in winter. Tomorrow is our family Christmas get together and she will be there, but I don't normally buy for her family. She will, however, be the only child there, except for a two month old! Tonight I asked DH to go into the attic, where we had some old craft kits I bought from Oriental Trading when my granddaughter was younger and liked to have friends over to do crafts. Because Oriental Trading sells most things by the dozen, I knew we had some extra Christmas crafts up there somewhere. I made individual kits in ziplock baggies and ended up with 8 kits--I figured Mom or MiMi could make one and show her how, and she could make the other of each kit. So four crafts, two of each item! Except for a few baggies and a lot of glitter on my lap, it's a totally free gift and I'm pretty sure she is going to love it. And I don't have to make a special trip out for a token gift tomorrow!