Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Car decisions

Official word is in: I must replace my current, manual transmission car within the next month, sooner better than later, as I have pretty much destroyed my right side rotator cuff and will be having surgery on THAT side (just had the left done in May this year)in January. 

Previous to this latest turn of events,I had planned on replacing my car anyway this early Summer, and I had started researching my options. My criteria: 
-great on gas, at least 30 mpg, if not better 
-affordable tax wise, and maintenance wise 
-if doing any financing, I have a set monthly figure in mind 

I had narrowed it down to another Toyota or a Honda. I then started researching different models. I discovered that Honda's are significantly more expensive than the Toyota's I was eyeballing. 

I was then down to another Yaris vs a Prius. Can I justify the extra expense for the Prius? there are no longer (at least that I could find after doing a quick search on line)any government incentives, and would I even use the hybrid, electric part? electricity is ubber expensive in CT, there are no filling stations locally. 

OK, I found some Yaris's and compared them to Prius, who are almost twice the cost. I did an on line estimator for a trade in. While I could probably get more $ if I sold my current car myself, I honestly don't want to deal with that. I can get the Yaris down to a reasonable price, after trade in. I'd be getting a new car. Don't know about what financing is available as the incentives posted on line don't address this model, and state, "contact dealer for financing info." Prius: they offer a great interest rate, depending upon the length of the loan. Still, twice as expensive but would have features I want such as keyless ingnition. Turning a key is hard with my arthritic hands. 

Fast forward and I found a used, 2010 Prius II locally at a dealership with only 20,000 miles. Cost: just under $20,000. Hmmmm. 

Decisions, decisions. What would you do? 


Leslie said...

I think you're confusing Hybrid with a true electric car... A Prius Hybrid would only require you to supply it with gas - there would be no "plugging in" required to use the electric portion of the engine. Generally, you are using gas to propel the car, but anytime the power of the gas engine is not needed the car automatically (and seamlessly) switches to the electric motor (ie. a stoplight). This is why the fuel efficiency for these cars is actually better for in town driving than on the highway (opposite of most cars on the road). I don't own a Prius, but know a couple people who do and they love them.

Softie said...

I would look at the 2010. I would be willing to be used if I felt it was very well cared for and they showed me good service records. I would have it checked out by my own mechanic before I purchased. I own a Ford Focus and I am happy with it. Ford has hybrids too. Don't know idf you have ever looked at any of them.

Anonymous said...

I have the Prius V (tall young teens & large band instruments) I also drive over 500 miles/week. I needed space and economy. I love 44-45 mpg. I also found that the tall teens didn't fit well in the back of a regular Prius or the Prius C.

When I'm doing errands I find that there is enough umph in the elec portion of the engine and it keeps me driving the speed limit in out little town too. Highway has great pickup and comfort.

Since I'm on the rd a lot the Yaris was not good fir me on the comfort side (plus the teens had to be sprayed with Pam to get into it. Instruments and backpacks were smother issue...

Remember your youngests are only going to keep growing

kelley said...

My sister has had a Prius for 10 years...loves it and recommends it to sorry about your shoulder

Anonymous said...

I think you have to really test drive both to make sure. Also check out to see what the owners of the cars are saying.

Good luck!!!

NAN said...

Love love my Prius- it's a 2005 with 165000 miles and has cost me very little besides routine maintenance. I have heard in colder weather (I live in Florida), it's hard on tires. Tires are $$ so you might consider that. Also, as someone posted, there is nothing to plug in. You use the battery when going under 40 mph. I notice my gas mileage is much better when I am doing local errands- I sometimes get 52-53 miles to the gallon. BTW my daughter knew how much I love my Prius that she bought a new one last January. Another tidbit- I have the original brakes- apparently they don't have to be replaced!

Justin Matters said...

We own 2 Priuses (sp?),we love them! As the other Leslie stated, you don't plug them in, just use regular gas, NOT premium! We live 25 miles out of town, but can still get 45-50 mpg with no problem. Best mpg is in-town driving. Also, no starting problems even in our recent subzero temps which lasted several days. With good snow tires, we get around w/no problems. After our experience, I wouldn't have anything else! Hope this helps.

Leslie in the Black Hills

Marcia in rural WNY said...

I have a Toyota Corolla, one step up from a Yaris. I really like it. Get 32-34 MPG for much less initial cost than a Prius. It was under $20K new in 2008. We generally buy used cars --this is our 2nd new one in 51 years--bought mid-recession when dealers were ready to negotiate, and we NEEDED a car. Only routine maintenance so far. I'm short and it's very comfortable--it you are very tall, it might not be so for you. Have had 4-5 Toyotas between us and body rusts before engine/transmission dies. We've driven a couple to the junk yard. Dependable, inexpensive. Very happy with mine. Thought it was more comfortable than the Yaris, which we also considered.