Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Calling the Doctor

I saw my dermatologist on Monday, and came home with 2 RX. Home yesterday, due to the storm, I dug out my remaining, old RX to compare what the RX's were stating to what I have been using for years. They didn't add up completely, so this afternoon, I phoned the Doctor.

-I first tried to set up an appointment to address 2 purely cosmetic concerns. The receptionist wasn't sure if I can do both in one visit, so she'll check with the MD and call me back about that
-Since I had the practice on the line, I told the receptionist that my new RX's don't match what I've used for years, can I talk to someone about that? She patched me through to the nurse, whose voice I recognized as the one who attended my visit on Monday. I explained the 3 RX's I've used, with two really being the same name product just one is a greasy ointment for at night with socks/gloves, while the other is a cream for day time use. I recalled mentioning this multiple times to the MD during my visit, yet I only got a RX for the ointment. Please check with the MD about this, and confirm if she wants me to continue to use the RX cream or is she switching me over to OTC options? I explained that my bottom out the door cost was a deciding factor for me as well. I mentioned as well that one RX that I use is listed as 40% formulation while my new RX is 10%-which should it be? She said 40% and will mail me a correct RX.
-I also asked about an OTC product that the MD offered as an alternative to laser procedures for a cosmetic concern. I found 2 which list the ingredient the MD suggested and wondered if there is a particular brand(s) that they recommend. One is Oil of Olay @ $20/tube, the other Neutrogena @ $7 tube. Neither state the % of this compound in the product. Other similar products sound like they are cousins to either of the aforementioned, yet do NOT contain the ingredient specified. Very lucrative business! The nurse replied that either Oil of Olay or Neutrogena is fine; I bought the $7 version. She wlll double check with the MD as well.

So, I await clarification. I am addressing some concerns, but as affordably as possible

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