Saturday, December 14, 2013

Another completed project

I stayed up way, way past my bedtime last night, to created the second of two quilted panels needed to complete these insulating curtains for the front window of the twin's room. I used mostly upcycled fabrics,mixed in with some new fabric that was actually scraps from sewing. I ran out of the red plaid so I moved to some leftover material from sewing Christmas stockings for the kids this year. Just adds to the project, makes it more "homespun" IMO. I insulated the second panel with more of the spun polyester (originally a mattress pad, but purchased just for this material as it was cheaper than buying it by the yard at the sewing store).I also trimmed out all the edges, using some double faced, red seam binding that I had on hand. I was able to use up several oddball colors of thread, reclaiming some filled or partially filled bobbins in the process. My Winter sewing aims to continue doing so.

Best part is that while these quilted panels are curtains now, the binding can easily be removed and the 2 curtain panels can be repurposed into a quilt top or tops, sometime down the road. I hung these 2 panels on rings with clamps, that originally were used in the bathroom, on the side facing window, whose curtains I recently refashioned more to my liking, and to match the second set of cafe curtains I finally made for that room. (

Another zero cost project for me.

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