Tuesday, December 24, 2013

A small issue

This is an image of a Prius remote key fob. I was given 2 for my new to me car. Great.

This morning, as I went to leave a parking lot, following a medical appointment, I noted that a warning light came on the dash, alerting me to a low battery in the key fob. No problem, I thought, I was returning home to get a kidlet, I'd just switch over to the spare, which I did, leaving the weak battery fob inside the home. Problem! The spare is a dead fob. Grr . .. these are far from cheap, hope that this is just a matter of replacing a battery. I grabbed the weak fob again and off we went to another appointment before stopping off at Toyota about my fobs. Salesman referred me to customer service in Parts dept, advising me that if they can't help me, to let him know. Fine.

Fast forward and yes, the spare is dead, they replaced the battery at no charge. Thank you. Looked at the weak one, was told it's fine. I insisted that he check it on a meter, which he supposedly did, declaring the second fob as fine.

So I am back in business, hopefully this will put any issues to rest for a while.

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