Sunday, December 8, 2013

A quick grocery stock up this weekend

A quick stock up/replenishing this Saturday (yesterday). With funds tight, I tried really hard to stick to the list. I hit Aldi's: 2 gallons 1 % ad 1 whole milk, 2 doz eggs, stick margarine, 2 bags fzn large shrimp (Xmas), 18 ct pkg TP, 4 fzn OJ, 2 pkgs of marked down pork chops (on tonight's planned menu anyway), 2 pkgs marked down chicken thighs, 2 neufchatel, 1 "pam" spray, swabs, celery, walnuts (PRICEY! but wanted for Christmas), 2 boxes granola bars, 2 'splash" juice, 2 cran juice, mushrroms, cinnamon, mandarins (fresh). I spent $77.31.

I also went to Dollar tree next door: 2 3 ct packs of Kleenex pocket pack tissues, 1 3 ct pkg night light bulbs. I spent $3.19 there.

$45.84 remains for groceries until the end of the month. I will need milk, 1/2 and 1/2, bread flour, OJ (after using up bottled grapefruit and pineapple juices), ground pork for meat pies. Really making an effort NOT to overspend.


Anonymous said...

I need to hit aldi this week and stock up on block cheese. Nervous about the price of milk that could double. We aren't huge milk drinkers and I use powdered milk in my baking and cooking, but cheese and yogurt! That would hit us wicked hard....especially the growing teen in the house who can't get a glass of milk down - he is the resident yogurt eater

Hawaii Planner said...

I'm also trying to get all of the holiday meals planned, so I can estimate expenses. We're traveling (flying) to see my family, so I'll contribute cash rather than bringing food (as we've done in the past). We'll then head to our house on the coast, which I know will cost a minimum of $150 to stock up for the week with guests. As a result, the rest of December needs to stay super tight! Lots of leftovers & freezer meals.

Nancy said...

Carol I know this is too late for this year's meat pies but have you considered grinding your own pork from chops or a roast bought at bargain prices?

CTMOM said...

A good suggestion, thanks. I do have a meat grinder attachment on my KA, and have done that with beef in the past.