Saturday, November 23, 2013

What's been cooking?

Wed was leftover night, DD and I had leftover, horseradish encrusted fish. I ate the rest of the homefried potatoes, as well as the l/o broccoli. Thursday was cooking again, this time we had oven roasted chicken drums (paid something like 79 or 89/lb)
 Since the oven was on, I oven roasted an organic butternut squash.
 Boiled some sale plus coupon egg noodles and that was supper. Of course, the chicken roasting pan and squash roasting pan were both deglazed and a stock made out of the bones that were not touched (some prefer to eat off the bone, so those are composted while "clean" bones are used for stock-my preference) I now have a quart of "free" chicken stock to use in my upcoming Thanksgiving stuffing.
 Once the dishes were cleared, I also made a large pot of vegetable-pasta soup, using 2 quarts of home made chicken stock that was lurking. Perfect as the weather is turning cold.

Friday night was again leftover night: I chose a frozen container of beef-pinto bean chilli while DD stopped for Burger King on her way home from work. That's her $.

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