Tuesday, November 5, 2013

What's been cooking for dinner?

Monday found me dealing with a migraine, which actually started Friday. I took the day off work. : (

Felt better for sleeping, so this was dinner:
 One can of pink salmon turned into 5 salmon cakes=5 portions (extra one is my lunch tomorrow)
 1/2 a pkg each of garden fettuccini and regular became garlic buttered noodles, with me breaking the pasta in 1/2
 canned beets

Salad of organic Romaine, organic red onion, grated carrot, sliced mushroom, the rest of some black olives. I mixed up some fresh vinaigrette.

Tuesday night became taco night as planned for, since Tuesdays are late arrival back at home days. This also uses planned over, roast chicken from Sunday:

Tonight's ingredients

Add defrosted, black beans to skillet along with an equal amount of chopped, cooked meat. Glad to see that I still have a ton of chicken left for this week.

Add home made taco seasoning mix, and some water and let this come to a rolling, low boil and cook the water down. This seasons the meat and beans.

Meanwhile, prepare a taco station at the table. no fresh tomatoes, but I have some killer, home made salsa I put up last year, along with my home made taco sauce. Shredded Monteray Jack cheese, shredded organic Romaine.
Heat up corn and we're good to go! No Taco Bell for this family. I think I've only had a soda while traveling from that shop.

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