Thursday, November 28, 2013

Wednesday: beef stew

 Beef stew was on the menu last night. Ingredients for stewing the meat: worcestershire sauce, black pepper, a large onion that I presliced, bacon fat, a large Bay leaf, 2 beef bouillon cubes and 2 cups hot water

Only reason I can afford stew beef (usually $4.99-$5.49/lb here) was that I got some on marked down, paying $3.16/lb. I rarely am willing to pay more than $4/lb for meat.
 Using up the old celery, old carrots, old potatoes, but including fresh mushrooms, recently purchased.
 A good splash of bought on sale then got a rebate, red wine
 Here's the beef, after being braised (first dredged with AP flour)for one hour.
 Veggies added, covered again and finished cooking for another 30 minutes. I then used a spider spoon, and pulled the meat and veggies out of the flavorful broth, decanting them into a square casserole dish. I then made a corn starch slurry, and thickened the broth into a nice gravy, adding some Gravy Master in the process.
My finished stew, which served 2 last night. I plan on making some homemade pot pies with at least some of this, for my supper tonight. Kids are celebrating T day with Dad today, we already feasted together this past Sunday.

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DW said...

That looks yummy! We occasionally find beef shanks on sale. Next time I've got to make some stew!