Sunday, November 3, 2013

Use it up breakfast, and planning ahead

Breakfast this morning, is actually saving me time and money, as well as avoiding food waste. Not pictured was the mug of OJ I first had, before rinsing the cup and reusing it for my Sunday coffee (sale plus coupon priced DD's this month). Canned peach slices that need to be eaten are served as a side with the remaining in the jar having been decanted into mini Tupperware containers, to serve as my luncheon fruit for 3 days this upcoming week. Breakfast Impossible pie is a variation of this recipe:

I used 4 Jimmy Dean pork sausage patties that were never eaten this past school week, and cut those into bits. The rest of a large onion, some Adam's Reserve NY sharp Cheddar (removed a bit of mold off the edge first), only 2 eggs, some 1/2 and 1/2 that also needed to be used up, homemade Bisquick mix, black pepper. Done. What's great about these Impossible pies is that you can use up bits of this n that, and they always come out great. The leftovers will be quick breakfasts this week, a change from the oatmeal we've been eating almost daily

With the new work/school week, I've prepped other things ahead as well:

a large pitcher of iced tea

3 mini containers of canned peaches, 3 containers of soup

Only 2 individual yogurts left (Chobaniwas free, paid 50? cents for Dannon), so I decanted some vanilla yogurt into individual cups with lids. Still a grab n go item to have on hand. Works for me.

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Belinda said...

Looks like you are in "use it up" mode this week too. Looks great. :)