Sunday, November 24, 2013

Update on wood stove

Wood stove repair man was here yesterday; had him replace a broken lever system to the main draft to the fire box (been running it with a cast iron steamer cover propping it open) and had him replace the front gaskets. He left me with the griddle gaskets and stove cement that came with the kit as I had paid for them, along with the rest of the contents of the VT Castings repair kit. Issue was, however, that an additional part is needed for the draft door. He advised me that once he returns to the shop, he will put in to have the part ordered and once he comes back for installation, there will not be a service charge, just a charge for the parts. More than fair, in my book. They are closed on Mondays, so I will call and confirm on Tuesday. With the confusion in scheduling yesterday's service call, I want to be sure that this gets quickly addressed. Tech was very well versed with my stove. I moved to this other service as the shop where this stove was purchased in 1990, no longer handles VT Castings. Quality product, made in USA, and environmentally conscientious. I am so glad that I went with an energy efficient model with a catalytic converter. Still top of the line today. : )


Marti said...

Drat! I hate when a part is missing and I have to wait longer. Especially bad for you in this cold. But yes, that is a good deal that they won't charge another service call. It's a beautiful stove btw. Is this a stove you bought and take with you when you move?

CTMOM said...

Luckily, I am still able to run the stove. Deep freeze hit this past weekend, the stove is necessary to stay comfortable. The stove was purchased in 1990, and I was awarded it in our divorce negotiations. I got permission in my lease to install it, and yes, it leaves with me, along with the $$$ metal pipe that runs up the chimney, even if I have to spend $ to get it ripped out. It will go to my next forever home.