Friday, November 8, 2013

Tweaking my efforts some more

 This is the light green, flannel doorway curtain that I made to place in front of the shutter doors that close between the uninsulated LR and the front entry hall. While it has helped a bit, I knew that it needed something to insulate behind it. Before hitting the stores (thrifts that is), I have posted on Freecycle, no luck, so I checked my fabric stash to see if there is anything on hand I can use. I lucked out!

Here is what you face when you open the shuttered doors. Beautiful, heavy, Irish wool that I picked up for next to nothing at a thrift and stashed it. Not wanting to cut it, I just slipped it under the clamps that hold the green curtain up, and used safety pins to keep the fabric off the floor, and to create a doubled over edge (I had felt that it should have been made a tad wider) for opening/closing.
2 1/2 yard of 56" fabric from Ireland. Someday, perhaps I'll make a jacket, skirt or just a blanket out of it. Beautiful fabric. So for now, it's keeping that doorway nice and toasty.


The domestic Groove said...

You are such an inspiration to me. My husband and I both have decent jobs and I don't have to be thrifty, I simply like to be. I feel that any other lifestyle is wasteful.
You really have the best ideas. I am ashamed to say that I already learned many of these things from my grandmother who grew up through the depression, but I got away from it during the consumeristic phase of my life. You live and learn. I really appreciate you taking the time to post so we can all learn from you!

CTMOM said...

thanks, DG. I really am trying to cozy this place up, while spending as little as possible in the process, using my time and resources wisely (taking advantage of the wool on hand but not cutting it, as I hope to use it some day for clothing, if not a blanket). Anything to reduce my fuel bills is also welcomed.