Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Tuesday's freebie and what's been cooking?

Coming down the front entry stairs Monday evening, I went flying, ending up on my side, having somehow really twisted/rolled my left ankle, landing on my right (the good one) shoulder. I was able to reach for my cell phone, call DD who was in the house to help me get up. I was able to walk it off a bit, and still went out to my PT eval appointment (hard to reschedule) for my hip issue. Once home, DD helped me to wrap the ankle,and the 600mg of Advil I am already taking 2 x's daily for the hip, is taking the swelling way down. I went to bed, getting up at 5 a.m. per usual. Within 15 minutes it quickly became apparent that I was NOT going to work, but rather, calling my orthopedist to get an appointment. I saw him @ 9:45 this morning, Xrays taken. DX: really bad ankle sprain, bruising on my hand (the bad one) and the should seems to be OK, just bruised but if it still bothers me, I am to call him in 2 weeks and get a MRI of that shoulder. Meanwhile, I am also wearing a lace up boot-ankle support, over socks, and then I can wear sneakers. Looks like sneaks and jeans for a few weeks at work.

Since we hit our max deductible earlier this Summer, no charges for any of the medical services recently received: my PT eval, the orthopedist, the X rays, the McDavid ankle support.

Cooking? Well, yesterday's creamed tuna over rice wasn't happening, I was quite uncomfortable and just wanted to get to bed. So, we each heated up Thanksgiving leftovers and that was it.

Tonight: DS has long standing commitments on Tuesdays, so we always come in at dinner time. I was supposed to* defrost some stew beef, didn't happen (is thawing now for tomorrow) so I decided on a pantry meal:

 I mixed up some tuna salad (remember the tuna I was gonna use on Mon? I really try to serve fish twice/week) on toasted Rye
 I made some Healthy request (Aldi's version) tomato soup, making it cream of tomato, I added 2 pats of butter, black pepper. Once the butter melts, it's perfect (Great grandmother taught me that trick)
 So a soup and sandwich night it was. Simple, hot, nourishing.
Choice of pies for dessert.


Lili said...

I hope you're on the mend very soon!
And you did very well, coming up with meals from your pantry. A lot of folks would have called for a pizza, so, good job!

Anonymous said...

Those steps? Those look hazardous! Heal well and rest winter is tough enough.

CTMOM said...

Agree, so easy to simply phone ahead and then pick up a pizza as I drive by, on my way home. It's uncomfortable to walk right now, and I didn't want to spend the $. Had the stove repair and chimney cleaning this past week, as well as my end of the month shopping, so I'd like my cash reserves to build back up.

CTMOM said...

Yes, this steps are not ideal, charming perhaps, they fit the style of the stone cottage BUT I've always been leery of them, and very careful as I walk down them. It all happened so fast, before I knew it, I was on the ground, stunned, in pain. Had my wits about me, got DD to help, and was fortunate not to have hit my head, as the walkway is paved with the same stones.

DW said...

Ouch! Sorry about the ankle ... hope you mend quickly.

CTMOM said...

DW-I knew I screwed that up, but was really (and remain ever so slightly) concerned that I messed up my good shoulder as I landed on that, and my upper right arm. I had a shirt, thick sweater, thick puffy down coat on which helped pad it a bit, but I am waiting for the black and blue to set in. I landed so hard.

Georgene G. said...

I'm so sorry that you hurt yourself. I fell a year ago. Why does it seem SO FAR down the older we get? I hope you recover quickly.

Now to find your swiss chard rolls. :-)

Georgene G. said...

The search engine would not work for me and I wasn't able to find the stuffed chard rolls. I'd love the recipe when you feel better. :-)

CTMOM said...



Eric Keener said...

Oh man that sounds like it hurt like hell. Twisting yout ankle is no fun at all. I hope you heal fast!
My mom did something similar just yesterday. It was the first time she's ever sprained something. She put on running shorts(it was wayy too cold to wear shorts) and a hoodie and we went for a morning run.
We run on a dirt travel that's behind our house. We didn't get far and my mom changed her mind saying she was cold and wanted to turn back and put some track pants on. We were jogging a little faster than we should have on such a uneven trail about 200 yards from the house she looked down at her watch and stepped on a root sticking out of the ground her foot rolled completely to the side and she slammed knee first into the ground.
It was a ugly fall. She clenched her ankle, let out a whimper and cried like a baby. She thought she broke her ankle so I was gonna call an ambulance(not that they could get back to where we were) didn't matter anyways neither one of brung our cell phone. At that point I panicked and had to lift her up and carry her to the house... It was a diffacult task that's for sure she's not exactly the lightest person probably 140 maybe 150lbs. But it was definitely a stressful moment.
It turned out to be a sprain, I know it's just a minor injury but I've never seen my mom cry from physical pain so it shook me up.