Saturday, November 2, 2013

Today's projects and input request for the next one

Project # 1: I identified that the area below this coat rack, where we've been keeping shoes, needed a rug. I measured and found that I needed a 2 x 3 foot rug. I wrote that on my list for shopping. I later found a rug in front of a door that we rarely use, and so I grabbed that.
Item eliminated from my list. Nice.
Another concern has been this shuttered door off of the front hall. Obviously, the homeowners felt that there was a draft problem, so this was installed. Not quite what I would have picked.

Here's the view from the living room, looking into the front hall. Note the curtain rod and clip rings now installed above this door. I fashioned a simple curtain out of the bottom sheet to a flannel Queen sized set that I have already been using the top sheet from as a door curtain on the other side of the living room. 
 Like most of my installed curtains/panels, I use clear push pins and hammer them tightly into the wood to hold the material down (only on one side for sliding doorway curtains as access is still needed) Not the best, I plan on backing this with something* yet to be determined, but it's a start.

Next project: this front door. When the floors were redone, prior to my tenancy, this thick, oak door was cut too short. While I had a door sweep installed, you can still see sunshine peaking underneath. Sigh. I need to make a door draft dodger of some sort. How to attach it to the door? use more push pins? cup hooks (make loops and suspend it), thoughts?

I ended up cutting down an old fleece jacket that is too big and has a broken zipper. Stuffing it? I used saved bits of fabric from recent sewing, cut off collars, cuffs from fabric that I plan to upcycle into quilts and table runners, worn out socks and underwear of all things! Total discards being called into action rather than being tossed.

Here is my latest draft dodger. Thoughts on how to keep it in place? Obviously when we are home, we can install it. My concern is for when we leave. I am thinking more push pins, hammering them thru the fabric, into the wooden door. Other suggestions?

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DW said...

A thought: Attach some cup hooks (or Command hooks)to the door, then sew some loops on the draft dodgers. Hang the dodger from the hooks.