Wednesday, November 20, 2013

This is how my day started, just as I was heading out the door . .

 The last thing I do before leaving my bedroom in the morning, is put on my ring splints, which I keep on my long dresser.
 As I walked over towards the dresser, I noticed that I appeared to be stepping on something. Yup-the cat pushed my splints onto the floor, and the soft silver is now bent. Can't wear them, don't think it can be fixed either. These cost $938 in May of '12. Sigh.
So, I dug in my medical kit, and found that I still have a thumb imobilizer so this is what I am wearing on my right hand, until I can get a replacement splint. I do require a third surgery on this hand, and not wearing any supportive device is out of the question.

My free period aka "break" found me first calling my medical insurance company to find out 1) will this be covered? -yes, 100% if you have reached your deductible (we have) and you go to an in plan provider. 2) which provider is in plan? does my former orthopedic device place still participate with you?-no, I have nothing on record.

Ok, call the former orthopedic device place. Yes, we DO continue to work with your insurance, just we bill under a different name (shares name). OK-is the OT I worked with in '12 still there?-yes. What days does he work and do you need a RX from my orthopedist? -everyday except Wed afternoon as he goes to various hospitals, etc and yes to a RX. Can I have your Fax #?

OK, now call my hand orthopedist, explain what happened, ask the secretary to Fax a RX over to the medical device place.

OK, call insurance company BACK, explain that I was given misinformation, and confirm that yes, they do consider the medical supply place "in plan" and will cover this 100%.

OK, call medical device place, alert them that a RX is being Faxed, set up an appointment for Wed afternoon (1/2 day work)before Thanksgiving.

I've learned the hard way to ask the correct questions.


Anonymous said...

We hit our out of pocket last week also so when I filled everyones three month meds I didnt have to pay anything.

Glad yours is going to be replaced. That must be a record though I usually have to call the insurance and the doctor at least 4 times each to get anything done

CTMOM said...

Calling insurance is one of my least favorite chores. calling a MD? no issues as mine are fantastic,and very responsive. : ) I even have the direct phone # to the hand specialist's secretary.

DW said...

Silver? Do you have to give it back, or can you keep it and sell it?

I'm with the OP ... it's like pulling teeth to get my MDs office to do anything over the phone.

CTMOM said...

DW-don't have to give it back. Ins paid for in back in '12. I was so pissed that it got stepped on. I am soooooo careful, sigh.

I already thought of selling the silver, along with some other unwanted jewelry.