Tuesday, November 12, 2013

The end of an era and a product review

Pictured is the remaining white rice from Angel Food. I had 2, gallon sized jars of white rice when I moved in here. We made a concerted effort to use it up. Now I turn to basmati, jasmine, brown rice  plus the lone rice mix lurking in the pantry cabinet. For supper on Monday, I used the rest of the white rice, blending it with Basmati rice to equal 1 cup's worth prior to cooking.

 Monday's fish dinner was supposed to be baked salmon fillets, but I only had 3 fzn ones on hand, and with 4 for dinner, that wouldn't do, so plan B: Bumble Bee lemon shrimp with garlic and herbs.  Each pouch serves 2.

 So just what do you get in this particular frozen dinner kit? 20 large shrimp per bag

plus 4 blobs of seasoned, butter. Directions seemed odd: saute the still frozen shrimp in a skillet (nothing added to it, no water/oil) for 4 minutes. Still left with a frozen mess, I cooked them until barely pink. Then add the butter pats and still until melted and shrimp is evenly coated.
Here is the finished shrimp. Very garlicky, wine, butter and herbs are pronounced. Good ingredients.

My supper plate: 10 shrimp per person, over mixed white/Basmati rice, steamed frozen peas on the side.

Very good, this was a phenomenal store sale plus coupon deal that I may never see again. (http://ctonabudget.blogspot.com/2013/10/stop-and-shop-deals-today.html) The shrimp "kits" cost me $11 out the door total or $2.75/person. Compared to a restaurant dish? this certainly comes out way ahead!

If looking for something quick and easy for a special occassion, this would certainly fit the bill.

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DW said...

I've not seen these ... but I'll be on the lookout (hopefully at a good price)
Always like to have something on hand that will make a quick meal. Thanks!