Sunday, November 10, 2013

Sunday roast on a budget

Affording meat, never mind roast BEEF, has increasingly become a challenge to our budget. I learned years ago to buy what we use, when on sale and put it away for later. I am then able to select my monthly menus and include a variety of meats/meals in the rotation. Today's Sunday supper will feature an eye of the round roast that I bought in Oct @ $2.69/lb (I aim for $4 or less/lb for meat). I bought 2 at that go to price. This one will be oven roasted after being smeared in Dijon mustard and topped with Steak seasoning.  Sides will be oven baked potatoes, fzn mixed vegetables and I think a salad of some sort. It's cold here, and the winds are supposed to pick up this afternoon, so using the oven will be welcomed.

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