Saturday, November 30, 2013

Saturday's soup: turkey noodle

 Saturday night, soup night. This week is no exception and surprise! it's turkey based soup this week! : )

First, I removed the layer of fat (had a LOT this time) and transferred it to a pint jar.

The remaining, gelatinous stock-that is perfect! just what I am looking for. I added this to the mirepoix after it was softened along with an equal amount of water.
 Using some of the turkey fat, I sauteed a mirepoix (carrots, celery, onion)
 I chopped the meat from the neck and whatever I pulled off of the carcass AFTER making stock. I am always surprised at how much I get.
 I also chopped the rest of the bag of meat I had pulled from the carcass. 3, 2 cup measurement, bags of chopped turkey is now frozen for future meals. I also have 1/2 a large turkey breast frozen for future sandwiches as well as some sliced breast meat for this week's sandwiches.
 I had one slice of fresh tomato leftover from yesterday and today's sandwiches, so I chopped it up.
 I also added one of my organic, home canned pints of tomatoes.
 A bit of leftover rice was tossed into the soup pot.
 A bag of gifted to me, egg noodles was added, along with salt, pepper, tarragon (my preference with poultry soups).
Soup's on for whenever one is hungry! College boy is working at a tree farm again this year, out in the cold. I texted him that I have some hot soup, if he's interested. DD is at work, but will come home to this as well. The leftover soup will become lunch tomorrow, as well as the upcoming work week. House smells so good right now. It's very cold still in CT, this will hit the spot and really goes far to stretch my food dollars and budget, as well as to avoid food waste (the one slice of tomato, the bit of rice).

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