Sunday, November 10, 2013

Preventative maintenance

Pictured is the model and color of Vermont castings wood stove that I brought with me and had installed at this rental. It's dated 1990 yet was only used for about 12 years when it was left to gather dust. It worked well until the end of last year's heating season, when the back rear draft door's chain somehow either broke or got disconnected from the main part of the stove. With my physical limitations, I am unable to look into this myself. I did find a local Vt castings stove shop dealer, and made arrangements over the phone to order replacement parts. They would be in within 2 weeks, and the satelite store who handles repair orders would contact me to schedule a service appointment. Without checking my notes, it has been much longer than I was told, I somehow was forgotten about, so I need to call them tomorrow and find out what's up. Meanwhile, I noted that the gaskets should be replaced (don't think we ever did) so I will ask that they order those if they aren't in stock. The cost of a service call that they quoted me was steep: something like $128. Sigh. So, if you have to pay that kind of money, I may as well have them here for a decent amount of time vs the 5 minutes I suspect would only be needed to take care of the pull chain of the draft door gizmo.

I am also considering replacing the fallaway door handle:

Over time, it has fallen and the porceline shank had smashed into pieces, which I've taped twice now. Different quotes on line, ranging from $19-$28. Rip off, but it is a needed part in order to operate the doors.

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DW said...

A thought, can you order the part direct from the factory, or does it have to be through the dealer? (I have to find a new insulating panel for our fireplace, and our dealer is no longer in business ... )