Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Planned overs: stroganoff

 Tuesday's usually find me coming home just before supper time. No worries, I've got this. In the door around 5:30, supper was on the table by 6:15. First: split an acorn squash, add a pat of margarine in each 1/2, add some brown sugar and Penzey's baking spice and bake it off in the table top, convection oven.
 Open a can of beets
 Chop an onion, add to skillet with some reserved fat, slice some of Sunday's roast eye of the round (still got another meal's worth left of that too!)
 Pull out pantry ingredients
 the homemade beef stock from Sunday's pan drippings
 no sour cream, so adding instant milk
 Once onions are browned, I made my gravy, got the noodles to boil 6 minutes.
 Added partally cooked noodles and folded them in, topped all with Paprika, then covered the pan and let simmer a bit.
 Stroganoff is ready!
 so are the squash
Here's my dinner plate. Squash looks burnt but they really were carmelized due to the brown sugar. Yummy!

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