Friday, November 29, 2013

Planned overs: Beef pot pie

After clearing out the fridge yesterday, I fixed myself a plate with leftovers: meatloaf, egg noodles, and some canned corn. Worked, food waste avoided, items used up. Great.

On to tonight's dinner: I will be reinventing Wednesday's beef stew into a pot pie filling, also using a small container of beef-onion-mushroom gravy to thin the filling out a bit. I plan on making a double crust pie for mine this afternoon.

Had quite a bit of trouble with the crust, so I ended up making a lattice topped (don't look too closely, it's far from perfect!) pot pie. Tasted quite good on a cold night. Of course, I used the table top convection oven to bake this off, saving electricity in the process.


Anonymous said...

I love that pan you cook in! My grandmom used to have a speckled one like that but I guess one of the Aunts snagged it over the years

CTMOM said...

A good friend gave it to me many years ago, it was the bottom of a gift basket she gave to me for Christmas. I think it held pancake mix, maple syrup, jam-that sort of thing. I also love this dish as it fits perfectly inside my table top, convection oven, which I turn to over the big oven, whenever possible, to conserve energy and help my budget. I am also crunching the numbers here, since I finally have an accurate paycheck and can plan accordingly. I've gone through my receipts from the Fall, and am plugging them in to see where the money has been going, what I need to reign in.