Sunday, November 3, 2013

On going project: draft dodgers

I crafted this one out of remaining fleece jacket material, as I waited for supper to finish cooking. The stuffing is again strips of upcycled clothes that I hope to quilt with (the material that I salvaged), old undies, lots of old stockings/nylons that I hadn't worn and just gave out while stored in my dresser. These I unearthed during my fairly  recent dresser drawers cleanout and donate day. Since these stockings can't be worn by anyone, I knew that they'd be fine to save for stuffing dodgers. This blue dodger is in the smallest (width wise) window in the dining section of the L shaped porch: 48 inches! I think that the huge slider windows will require multiple draft dodgers to make it easier to stuff, if for no other reason. This smaller window is a fixed, double pane window that doesn't open. Leaks terribly, however, as I confirmed when I went to install this at the base of the window. These windows will also have 6 ml poly plastic fixed to the outside, once I make arrangements with the handyman service. We ate in there tonight, it was cold, so I turned the heat up from 60 to 65 for the short while we were there. Looks like we're hunkering down in the kitchen from here on until Spring.

Another no cost project which found me using up several almost empty spools of old, inherited thread. Baby blue-just not a color I use otherwise!

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Rhonda said...

I need to make these for the front and back doors- I am sure my grands will want to play with them so I might make extras too