Saturday, November 9, 2013

Next phase: insulating the 2 wide porch openings into the living room

 Here is the light green curtain that divides the living room entry from the  now turned bedroom, porch for DD. Now pinned on the back, is a large piece of grey wool. Not quite wide enough, I suspect I'll address that later as the green flannel is pretty thin.
The wool is plenty long at least.

 Here is the second of the large, "doorways" between the living room and porch turned DD's bedroom. This has a thin, flannel, queen bed sized cream with green/brown/tan leaf print on it-the same fabric I used for the library wall insulating panel curtains as well as for the sides of the insulating panel for the large cut out opening between the dining room and living room. All is coordinating to some degree. I really needed something to insulate this terribly thin fabric, and chanced upon a spun polyester blanket in a nice, buttercream. As with my other insulating projects, this blanket was simply pinned to the underside of the curtain, using many of the safety pins I have on hand.

Plenty wide, I had to fold back one edge of the material, doubling it under, as I don't want to cut it. I may want to use it as a blanket some day, if not cut it down to insulate curtains in my next forever home. It's a bit short, but not terribly so.

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