Saturday, November 2, 2013

Just getting stuff done!

 This morning, I had a paid handyman service back here to take care of some things, including: replacing 2 nails in brackets for curtain rods with screws to better hold the bracket to the window frame, nailing a wooden "skirt" piece back onto the backside of a desk (I hope to do the refinishing myself), cleaning out the clothes dryer vent, switching the direction button for the 2 ceiling fans in the living room, installing a doorway curtain rod,  taking down the ceiling light fixture in the shower and removing the dead bugs that somehow accumulated in there, figuring out why the 3 motion detector solar exterior lights never worked (installed by a different person who also worked for Mr HM)-turns out that the internal "switch" was never set so now they work, replace some missing spot light bulbs now that we discovered the switches to turn them on. @@ (LL was of no help nor was her handyman when I inquired a year ago upon moving in.). Good news is that there should be plenty of light outside in the dark.
 a three tier, bag storage system was installed in my front closet, joining my 25 + year old wrap holder, which is no longer made by Rubbermaid.
Biggest part of the job today was installing 6 ml poly plastic to the exterior of the library windows (reusing the precut plastic from last year) as well as the L shaped "porch" turned into a bedroom for DD. Hopefully, she will notice a difference. As was anticipated, there wasn't enough time for Mr HM to do all of the windows, including the ones in the DR side of the L shaped porch.

Later in the day, I headed to the city for some supplies, and to get an oil change ($25.36).

More heavy duty duct tape, more clear push pins, more clip rings. I also grabbed 2 more pairs of jeans for myself.

I also hit Aldi's:

 Milk, 2 doz eggs, 4 chocolate bars (Christmas), cheese crackers, bananas, 2 grapefruit, 2 pkgs sliced cheese for sandwiches, stick margarine, 2 bottles herb and garlic mayo

2 roaster chickens (one for the freezer, one for supper tomorrow), 2 pkgs English muffins, plain bagels, 2 lbs grapes.

Stopped next door to Dollar tree for some Christmas holiday stickers for work.

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Belinda said...

You've certainly got a lot done, Carol.

Hopefully the plastic on the windows on the library wall will help to keep that room warmer. I'll do ours in plastic once it actually gets cold enough here. We are still experiencing warm days here for now.

I really like the back of the closet door with the storage for storage bags. I have ours up on a high shelf in the pantry and everyone complains about it. I need to work on that.

Did you see the coupon I had for Aldi on my webpage? $10 off a $40 purchase good through November 15th. :)