Monday, November 11, 2013

I am doing something right.

Latest electric bill:

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Roughly the same average daily temperature, but using 36% LESS electricity than I was last year. How do I account for this?

-CFL's in all but a few chandelier lights
-unscrewed light bulbs in some lights (that use standard bulbs)
-rare use of electric clothes dryer
-use of wood stove keeps furnace shut off
-using programmable thermostats in the 3 zones of the home (un/underinsulated L shaped enclosed "porch" area that serves as a dining room on one side and DD's bedroom on another is always set to 60 degrees. Main part of home 60 when no one is home, 65 until 10 p.m. Bedrooms a bit at night while showering/getting ready for bed, and again in  AM but otherwise set to 60.
-preference over small applicances vs the stove or oven
-batch cooking to capitalize on cooking
-smaller refrigerator without an automatic ice maker
-home energy audit which insulated cracks/crevices
-installation of exterior 6 ml poly plastic on drafty windows/doors, insulated curtains/homemade panels
-keeping doors shut between rooms (weird configuration in main living area) and installing large insulated panel curtains in open doorways (3 102 inch wide, plus 3 regular door ways)
-use of ceiling fans in cathedral ceiling living room where wood stove is located

Add in and now we are a 4 member family, since DD moved back in. So yes, we are doing awesome in the electricity area. : )

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Theresa said...

Great job on conserving. Impressive. I need to work on reducing our water bill. Our current bill is the highest it has ever been and it must come down. Hopefully I will see as big a decrease on my water bill as you achieved with your hydro.