Saturday, November 30, 2013

Getting festive

I find that with the boys visiting their Dad for the Thanksgiving break, and DD working, college boy in and out (he's a ghost at times, but I do tend to see him at least once a week), I've had a lot of quiet time, which I am relishing. Less kids around also means no laundry to run today, which seems odd. Tomorrow, there will be plenty, as the twins will bring 4 days of dirty laundry back home with them, college boy is supposed to drop his laundry off for me, both DD's and my bed will be stripped. Bitterly cold this morning, 19 degrees but at least not really windy, the sun is shinning. DD and I brought in several loads of firewood, and I gathered several loads of kiddling as a brief storm (snow) may pass through overnight. No fun trying to start a fire with wet and/or cold wood. This morning also found me making a trip to the transfer station with trash and the entire back seat as well as 2 bags (I use tall kitchen garbage bags)in the front passenger seat of my car (7 or 8 bags of just recycling alone). $6 in trash fees @ 20 cents/lb. Very reasonable, as we produce so little actual garbage.

With my extra time, I am addressing some items on my to do list, such as change out the table scape in the kitchen, an area we stick to, versus using the dining room, when it's cold. (See other post on trying to keep heating bills in check). A vintage Christmas table cloth that I inherited from my Grandmother, covered with thrift shop green placemats to protect the cloth, Damask linen napkins (also inherited) in ceramic, thrift shop napkin rings. I arranged the fruit in a larger bowl, and am using that as a center piece of sorts as well as to entice the kids to pick fruit for a snack. I've corraled the mustard, chilli sauce in a basket (red and green check on the top and in the ribbon)at the wall end of the table as well. I think it looks cheery. Cost me nothing to put together, which must remain my motto this year, going into next, if I am to meet my goals.

While sacrifices are being made, life is good, we eat well, there are treats thrown in, celebrations to be had, etc. The bigger picture is what keeps me going.

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