Saturday, November 23, 2013

End of the month stockup

After my quick stop in at Target (see other post), I hit the other stores today. Next stop: Walmart:

3 boxes Swiss Miss cocoa packets, Colagate tooth paste, box tampax, 2 small boxes Kotex U liners, large box store brand scooping cat liter, 2 boxes Bells stuffing mix, 4 boxes store brand oatmeal packets, 1 Degree men's deodorant, 1 Dove ladies' deodorant, 2 2 l Pepsi, 1 large Oil of Olay body wash with free Secret mini deodorant, 2 medium bottles Dove body wash, 1 20 oz loaf Sara lee white whole grain bread, 2 Pepperidge Farm Jewish rye. I saved $13.50 in face value coupons, spent $52.49

Next stop: Aldi's:

4 boxes chicken "stove top", 4 boxes "apple jacks" cereal on clearance @ 99/box, 1 gallon milk, 10 lbs potatoes, 4 lbs carrots, 6 cans cr mush soup, 2 boxes "honey nut cheerios", 34 oz can coffee, butter, grahams, 2 boxes oatmeal packets, pint whipping cream, 2 frn oj, 8 oz mushrooms, celery clementines, romaine hearts, 2 trail mix style granola bars, bananas, brown n serve rolls.  I spent $51.26

Final destination: Stop and Shop:

2 bottles Coffeemate creamer in holiday flavors, 2 quarts LOL 1/2 and 1/2, doz xl LOL eggs, store brand horseradish, 1 bar Crackerbarrel aged Cheddar, 2 lb bags of store brand mixed veggies (fzn), 1 turkey hill ice cream, box Bell's seasoning, 2 2 l bottles ea: Canada Dry ginger ale and Coke, 3 boxes De Cecco pasta, 1 pouch of Campbells to go soup pouch, 1 2 lb bag FL sugar, 1 bottle French's brand marinade, 2 bottles Gain dish detergent, 2 boxes Krusteaz pancake mix (complete just add water type) on marked down @ $1.25/box, 2 bottles Langer's juice, 2 milka chocolate bars, 2 bars toberlone, 2 bottles Purex detergent, 1 large bottle store brand pancake syrup, store brand Dijon mustard, 6 cans store brand beets, 1 box Tetley tea bags, 1 box Tampax, 1 large bottle Tresemme shampoo for colored hair, 1 20 lb store brand frozen turkey @ 59/lb, 2 rolls Jimmie Dean pork sausage, 1 pkg Oscar Mayer bacon, 1 fresh pineapple, 1 lb parsnips.  I saved $21.49 with doubled up to $1 coupons. I spent $85.21.

Total for the day: $190.60, saving $34.99 in coupon use-nice. Now we are to eat this down and just grab must haves such as milk, and i know I will run out of AP and bread flour soon, pork for my meat pies at Christmas. Extra monies can also be used for rock bottom deals. We're in a good place, food wise, going into the new month.

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