Sunday, November 17, 2013

December menus 2013

Mid month already, so time to plan the next month's upcoming dinner menus, after checking what is already on hand, which helps me to create a list of what needs to be purchased.

1-Crock Pot rotisserie whole chicken (fzn), mashed potatoes, gravy from drippings, fzn peas, whole berry cranberry sauce
2-horseradish encrusted Tilapia fillets (fzn), rice mix, fresh carrots
3-CP beef- dried kidney bean chilli, Southern style corn bread
5-baked chicken drums (fzn), brown rice (extra for Sat), butternut squash
7-cream of tomato-rice soup, grilled cheese sandwiches
8-pork chop (fzn)-stuffing bake, apple sauce, carnnival squash
9-tuna casserole, coleslaw
10-ground beef (fzn)-dried pinto tacos on soft tortillas, corn
12-hot dog (fzn sausage) casserole, green salad
14-chicken noodle soup
15-roast turkey breast (fzn), stuffing, green beans, whole berry cranberry sauce
16-turkey-dried black bean enchilladas, corn
17-CP beef stew (fzn meat)
19-pate chiniois (a French Canadian sheppard's pie) using fzn ground beef, coleslaw with apples and raisins
20-fzn homemade lasagna
21-dried tortellinis in turkey broth soup
22-baked split chicken breasts (fzn)with BBQ sauce, buttered noodles, beets
23-baked salmon fillets(fzn), brown rice, fzn peas and fresh carrots
24-tourtiere (a French Canadian meat pie)
25-baked ham (fzn)with pineapple slices, mashed potatoes, corn
26-BBQ ham meatballs, Basmati rice, green beans
28-split pea soup
29-kale(fzn)and apple-chicken sausage (fzn) Impossible pie aka crustless quiche, fruit salad
30-macaroni and cheese with ham, salad

There is little that I must buy, which is the manner in which I plan these menus out. Usual staples will have to be replenished: potatoes, carrots, fzn peas, buttermilk, salad greens, celery. I will have to buy ground pork for my meat pies, but that is it for needs. A good feeling going into a spendy season. Luckily, Christmas is paid for. All soups with the exception of the doctored up canned tomato, will be homemade weekly.

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