Sunday, November 10, 2013

Calling all quilters!

I will have to purchase batting for my upcoming, quilt project, for which I am using both upcycled clothes as well as fabric from my inherited stash, and using up (I hope) all of the odd ball colors of thread that I have been given over the years.

 Jo-Ann's has several types of quilt batting on sale:

1-rolls of batting in either polyester, natural fibers (whatever that means), or blends. these rolls are 50% off so $3.99-$29.99.  I assume that I'd have to cut these down, as needed

2-precut to size (queen) needled cotton that won't bunch or beard. Also 50% off @ $

3-25 yard roll of natural cotton batting that is needle punched with a soft stablizing scrim binder (I assume that this is some sort of sticky selvedge) on sale  67% off  @ $89.99

Any thoughts on what type of battling is best to use? These will be simple, home-crafted, utilitarian quilts with some effort to make attractive. I will straight stitch "quilt" so nothing fancy being done here. I appreciate your thoughts.


Marcia in rural WNY said...

I don't know a lot about batting as most of my quilting projects have been smaller ones, but I have heard some discussion about cotton batting making the quilts heavier---depending on how heavy the top is to start with. The polyester battings make a lighter product. In your chilly house, cotton might be better, although the occasional washing and drying might take longer without a dryer. I mostly buy a lightweight batting and cut it to size as I make pillows, etc. most of the time for gifts. Kathleen on Kitchen Crew does more quilting than anyone else I know online. I'm sure she might have an opinion.

mikemax said...

My best friend Mary is an ardent quilter who prefers 100% cotton for longevity. Also, hate to say this, but she doesn't like any of the brands Jo-Ann's sells.