Saturday, November 16, 2013

Birthday freebie

Last year, I started using a local car wash service, initially taking advantage of a coupon offer to try them out. I like that the car is hand washed, totally dried, tires shined, interior vacuumed, windows sprayed etc. I pay for "the works" which is a step above just a car wash. I do buy certificate bundles around this time of year, which means I pay $24.12 per car wash vs the normal almost $29. Factor in that once a year, at my birthday, I get a free carwash, and my 10th wash a year is free as well so, I pay for 10, get 2 freebies a year dropping my once a month cost to $24. Worth it to me, considering my orthopedic issues, and I do like that the water is recycled/cleaned for reuse.

I also received this freebie in the mail from St Jude's: a small note pad, Christmas gift stickers (to/from), preprinted return address lablels. Several organizations send these type "gifts" out as they make their solicitations, so I don't purchase return address labels, for example, and should I run out, I just write it in on the envelope. No biggie.


Anonymous said...

Car washing is definately a way to help a car last longer, especially in the winter - the stuff on the roads is nasty.

Jennifer said...

I love this idea! This would be perfect for my husband!

Marcia in rural WNY said...

I use the Christmas labels too, and have dozens of the note pads. I save envelopes that are blank on one side for lists and for containing the coupons I want to use for the day. That's the real reason I have so many note pads extra. We keep some by each phone. I also get a LOT of blank notes cards --there is a nursing home a quarter mile away which will use them and also use old magazines when we're done with them. I've given a lot of those to the assisted living my mother lives in also. I try to keep using all the things that come into my house, even if uninvited! Waste not, want not.