Sunday, November 17, 2013

Birthday bash this year

Decided to order out versus going out this past Friday, and selected options from a local restaurant that DD likes. 2 of us had deluxe hamburgers (onion/lettuce/tomato) with either a side of onion rings or French fries, one had chicken francais with penne pasta, and a fourth had chicken pot pie with a side of grilled veggies. 2 bottles of water was included in this take out (set aside in the pantry for emergency) and we also received a side tossed salad that will serve as my lunch today. Roughly $40 so definately much cheaper than having selected a dine in place. $ was in the monthly budget so no worries.

DD gifted me with a bakery chocolate cake, which we enjoyed at home. I received several nice gifts: cookbooks,

 a set of Laura Ashley all cotton sheets in a pretty pink floral pattern, candles, lotion with shea butter, a foot cream also with shea butter (same product line), cards, shower gel and lotion, pot holders, truffles, candy, some stationary (blank cards which I tend to use), a memo pad, etc.


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday :)

Belinda said...

Happy Birthday, Carol. :)

DW said...

Happy birthday!

janie said...

Happy Birthday!!