Sunday, November 24, 2013

An early Thanksgiving

With divorce came some changes, including splitting Thanksgiving every other year. Since the youngest were with me last year, this Thursday, they will be at Dad's. So, our Thanksgiving is today. Been busy since early this morning. DD and I had bacon, scrambled eggs, OJ, toast, coffee for breakfast. Once those dishes were cleared, I started baking. I made 3 pie crusts from scratch.

First up, a pumpkin pie, using the Libby's famous recipe:

Once that pie was done, I made a cherry crumb

 as well as a blueberry crumb, using some of my home made and canned blueberry pie filling.

I also made my Great grandmother's sausage stuffing.






 I stuffed the turkey, placed extra in a covered casserole.

I made 2 loaves of cranberry nut bread,

 baking those off in my vintage 1950's Westinghouse oven roaster,
that belonged to my Grandmother.

The sides: I made a batch of cranberry-orange relish, also have some home made, home canned whole berry cranberry sauce.

Mashed potatoes, of course!

DD cut up the squash to bake off: we're trying a new variety this year. Buttercup

I have some take and bake dinner rolls from Aldi's to cook later on,

 and we'll be making a green bean casserole.

 I make my own gravy as well.


Anonymous said...

I have the same roaster from my grandmom. Is yours on a big white cabinet on wheels also? I love that thing it cooks no matter what!

Your pies look so good to. Have a Happy Thanksgiving :)

Anonymous said...

Looks yummy! We use a table top roaster for our bird too. I have a small wall oven so I use that for everything else.