Sunday, November 17, 2013

A use it up theme to today's meals

 A lone, leftover baked potatoe became the inspiration at brunch/breakfast this morning. Added 1/2 an onion, 2 rinsed and drained cans of diced potatoes, salt, pepper, Paprika and some reserved fat and home fries became a side dish.  Funny, 2 kids won't eat the skin on baked potatoes, but if cut up and used in homefries, they are devoured!
 leftover, grilled veggies, eggs, salt and pepper packets, some good NY state Cheddar that is starting to mold (trimmed off of course) became veggie omelettes.  OJ, coffee/cocoa completed the menu.

Lunch: YOYO-clean out something from the fridge,please!
 Here's a small tray with my collection of mostly bread heels (a few pieces of buttered toast someone* didn't have time to eat as well). Left to dry out on the counter, they are ready to go.

some crackers that are going stale.
 A few minutes in my new Cuisinart, presto! homemade bread crumbs.
A package of marked down, ground beef for tonight's dinner. Only 1 1/4 of meat vs the usual 2 lbs I use. No problem, I still have some of last week's eye of the round roast that needs to be used up:
 This roast fed us Sunday supper, stroganoff on Tuesday with a few days of stroganoff for lunch (2 servings) and now it's completing the meat for the meatloaf.

A quick whirl thru the new food processor, it's ground and ready to add to the meatloaf mixture. I've done this before, works great!

Tonight's menu: meatloaf, mashed potatoes, mixed wax and green beans.

This growing collection of take out condiment packets will be blended with some ketchup to create the sauce topping for the meatloaf, before baking it off this afternoon. Sweet n sour sauce, BBQ sauce, Chinese mustard sauce, and a pkt of Chinese hot sauce. Should be good. I've done this type of kitchen magic before. Just glad to use this up and get it out of the fridge!

My supper plate. Decided to make some onion-mushroom gravy to top the spuds. Good comfort meal. Half of the meatloaf remains for sandwiches this week.

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