Saturday, November 23, 2013

A repurposing tip

 After having my tea at lunch (while at work) this week, I was in a quandry as my lunch bag didn't have a suitable container for bringing my spent/used tea bag back home to reuse for another cup. What to do? I wrapped the tea bag inside the ripped open pouch and folded it over.
This is foil lined so it kept it protected just fine.


Anonymous said...

My mom always had a sandwich Baggie in her lunch box for her tea bag. Now that she is retired, they sit on the counter in a tiny dish until they are called into service

Anonymous said...

I wont tell you what kind of wrapper I thought that was, obviously I need new glasses though.

I actually use a container that was left over from cough drops for my tea bags Works for me

CTMOM said...

Ahem! Miss Judy, I know you work in the health care field, but really we are both nice Catholic girls! : ) I usually have been taking a small, Tupperware container but had forgotten it. I didn't want to simply toss the spent tea bag, so this last minute wrapper worked out.

Anonymous said...

Hey I was happy you were using protection...obviously now I know its protection for your tea bag. Im sorry sometimes the good Catholic girl in me just goes a little wild. 10 hail marys and 10 our fathers...I know the drill.