Thursday, October 31, 2013

What's been cooking?

 Tues was a quick to toss together dinner: beef sloppy joes using the rest of a large can of sloppy joe sauce that I froze. Sides were corn and $ store potato crowns. Worked. Leftovers became dinner for 2 on Wed.
 Crockpot Thursday: beef and dried pinto bean, along with onion and home canned tomatoes became chilli. Great on a rainy, damp day.
No sense making my usual cornbread when I have marked down, Chiabatta rolls that need to be used up, so that is what we had.


j said...

ooooh look at your pretty crock that the wheat pattern. Im sorry I have a problem. Oh and email me tomorrow since I can't find your email and need to give you some info

CTMOM said...

One of my $5 crockpots. Love this appliance. I also have a "problem" as I have 2 large oval ones (both Freecycled to me) and 2 normal sized, round ones (these were both thrift shop finds). 4 CP's here. : )

Bargain Mom said...

Looks like everyone is staying fed and on budget - good work.