Sunday, October 27, 2013

Walmart has been getting quite a bit of my business lately

I made 2 trips to my least favorite store this week, in an effort to get some things off of my list. Trip # 1 happened on the 21st, on my way home from work. I bought:
2 tension rods for the kitchen insulating panel project, 6 2 L bottles of soda, an electric pencil sharpener (battery run this time so no issues on ghost electrical use) as our former one died and these help my hands, hair mousse, gum, 6 driveway reflectors for the plow guy *(who charges $75 to put up and take these down, thanks but I'll handle that myself), 2 frozen OJ concentrated, an 18 ct box of eggs, a gallon of milk. I spent $64.98: $44.27 on household items, $20.71 on food/groceries.

Trip # 2 today, where my goal was to get some gifts and stocking stuffers. I also got some Greek and lowfat vanilla yogurt, large plastic bags for storing homemade bread, "tylenol" , oatmeal packets, lotions. I spent $34.21 on groceries, saved $1 with a coupon for turkey breakfast sausage.

I also bought a wall clock for the main bathroom,setting me back $4.22-maybe the doddler will move faster in the morning?  A smart investment I think.  I saved $11.50 towards stocking stuffer (although practical personal care items) spending $44.32 on 4 kids. I think I did well.

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Theresa said...

$75 to put up reflectors??? That is robbery!

You have been busy lately.