Saturday, October 5, 2013

Walgreen's run

Had to run an errand literally around the corner from the Walgreen's in the city, so we stopped in to take advantage of my rain check on Bumble Bee salmon. They were still out, so I asked if I could substitute the Chicken of the Sea brand and was given the green light to do so. Normally selling for $4.75 in this store (ridiculous price) I was able to pay only $1.99/can. Cheaper than the $2.69 that Aldi's is getting for BB salmon. Salmon in a can IS cheaper at Xpect and Price Rite but both stores carry selections that hail from China, so I pass, preferring wild caught, Alaskan. 

Since we were there, I also got some private label antihistamine for myself, using my HSA to pay for it, so no cash needed. Nice perk.

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