Sunday, October 20, 2013

Update on completed Winterization projects

First priority was to finish the library wall windows in the living room.

 Left side curtain was completed, then I decided to buy different hardware but by week's end, this is what the left side window looked like.
 Here it is, with the curtain drawn open to let what little North light can come in
Fixed my old sewing machine yesterday, so today, I was able to make the right side curtain. Job done. Yay! Not elegant but attractive enough for me, and quite utilitarian.

Next up: the powder room window, also a North facing window.

 Here is the backside of the panel I made this afternoon. You can see the repurposed, former quilted mattress pad. I used wide seam binding to create a channel for the tension curtain rod.
 This piece wasn't quite wide enough (I had used this same mattress pad to make the 2 panels for the library wall windows), so I ended up piecing a wide strip onto the main body of the panel in order to make it wide enough.
 Here it is installed, with the draft dodger helping to hold the bottom edge down. I may place some tacks along the sides as well to really seal up this window.

It's totally by chance that the blue panel matches the draft dodger I made last year. : )


Frugal in Derbyshire said...

Draught dodger !! great name! I shall use it in future, much better than my draught-excluders

Anonymous said...

I do two draft dodgers on the windows. One I put down the bottom and one where the lock is. It makes a difference.

This weekend my Uncle is coming over to do some pointing on the back of the house especially around the windows. I am hoping to keep the heat off as long as possible this year!