Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Tonight's sewing/winterization

 Could use a good steam press but heck, it's done. Here's the new kitchen window panel that I made tonight, using a saved mattress pad, some yellow fabric gifted to me I suspect, some odd bits of yellow/tan/gold/yellow threads, some odd bits of both extra wide and wide seam binding.
 This is the upper, back side of the panel. I sewed some remaining wide, tan seam binding onto some remaining tan wide binding, knowing that this was the width I needed for the casing for the tension rods.
 Once those were used up, I turned to some gifted to me, canary yellow, wide seam binding, something that I'd have no call to use, as we really don't wear yellow clothes. The original owner paid 55 and 65 cents for these yellow packages.
 Since the yellow seam binding was just wide, I sewed 2 even length pieces together, making the entire, lower casing as well as completing the tan/beige and now also yellow casing on top.
 I intentionally used 2, heavy duty tension rods (didn't mind the $14 ish investment as these can be used in another home), as I wanted to keep the material as snug as possible inside this window, which is quite drafty. I am also paying a handyman service to reinstall 6 ml plastic sheeting this Saturday on the outside of this window, as well as several others.
Final step: add my blue corduroy (a repurposed dress) draft dodger that was made last Fall/Winter. Feels better already in here, and it's COLD, raw and damp tonight.

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