Sunday, October 13, 2013

today's sewing/winterization project

Pictured is the insulated window panel that I made this afternoon, using more repurposed, flannel sheets, an old mattress pad, wide seam binding across the top. I need to buy new, double curtain rods as I decided to keep the beige/white check valance (folded to the right) over this panel, which is also on the same black, clip rings so that we can slide it open during the day, close it at night. So, this project will cost me probably $5 due to needing different curtain rods, but the increased comfort makes it worth it. These are circa 1030, single pane windows in the original part of the home, on what we call the "library wall" as there is a floor to ceiling library on this side, where the 2, 26" tall x 49 inch wide windows are.

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SheilaPCT said...

You can always just add a single tension rod for that valance and put it in place right in front of the other curtain. Tension rods are cheaper than double rods.